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Kyle Kuehn

Founder & CEO

My name is Kyle Kuehn, and I am not an alcoholic. I have victory over alcohol. I’ve worked in restaurants for over 10 years and have developed many addictions in that time. On 1/21/15, by the grace of God, I gave up caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine for 30 days. I’ve termed this 30 day challenge “Kicking the C.A.N.” On day 45 I decided to allow caffeine back into my life, in moderation. However, I am still free from the grip of alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs that were controlling my life. God is good.


One thing I’ve learned on this journey is that there are a lot of people struggling just like I was. And at night when everyone is enjoying the social atmosphere and fun to be had in their communities, many people are having a very real battle with addiction and exclusion. Our society and the media is constantly re-enforcing substance abuse and there are hardly any alternatives for those who want to live a substance free life. There’s an old saying in our culture that “nothing good happens after midnight.” I say LET’S CHANGE CULTURE!


As the founder and CEO of SOBERBARS.COM, I have first-hand experience with addiction and the need of a late night alternative. My goal is to help people overcome addiction, and prevent future generations from turning to substances by providing a late night community place with Lights Out Sober Bar. To remind each other that the “buzz” is not from the product, but from one another. Our promise is to be a beacon of hope. To be a positive influence on our community and those we share it with. To seek the welfare of our city. Let’s change the status quo. Let’s change the way we live together. #LETSCHANGECULTURE

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