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We are a team of overly energetic and ferociously passionate individuals who are well acquainted with the dangers of addiction and the power of sobriety. We are the caretakers of this living and breathing organism we call SOBERBARS. Our team is continually growing and seeking other like minded individuals that want to help us change the way people live together, and leave a positive imprint on the world for generations to follow. To put it simply, we are a team of humans who are overcome by the idea that we can change the world and create something bigger than ourselves!  #LETSCHANGECULTURE


Kyle Kuehn

Founder & CEO

My name is Kyle Kuehn, and I am not an alcoholic. I have victory over alcohol. I’ve worked in restaurants for over 10 years and have developed many addictions in that time. On 1/21/15, by the grace of God, I gave up caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine for 30 days. I’ve termed this 30 day challenge “Kicking the C.A.N.” On day 45 I decided to allow caffeine back into my life, in moderation. However, I am still free from the grip of alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs that were controlling my life. God is good.

Tom Chaffin

Strategy and Entertainment

Western PA native and Lancaster resident since 1998. Drummer in multiple bands and involved in the Lancaster music scene since 1999. Father, son, lover of good music and the outdoors. Inspired by people, places, and things that make our world what it is.

Jeremy Good

Web Master and Design

First of all, I was born and raised in this beautiful county. I have struggled for many years with drug addiction, but today I live a clean and healthy lifestyle. I was drawn to this cause because I want to pay it forward to those who need my help. I also own and operate the design company Orangelephant Society. Kyle and Tom are like brothers to me, and we will revolutionize sobriety together.

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